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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Introduction of The Everything Girl

Well, hello my lovelies and welcome to The Everything Girl! What you may not know is that I'm super in love with everything fashion, fabulous and fun-those are the three Fs-a must have in life!! He he! But at the same time a style junkie who is madly passionate about styling you, me and just about everyone I see-true story! I'm kinda the girl who says the first thing that comes to her mind and it just rolls of my tongue before I realized what I said-oh oh-too late! Anyways, let's get back to the subject at hand here-so as I strive to be the SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker-duh) of the fashion world-I'm all over the place as a hairstylist for the last 20 years- not 40 yet, ha ha! And as I'm a true lover of all things vintage, that brings me to my next passion for fashion that I turned into a job (2cd job-keep track there's more!!) I came up with 2 Girls Vintage, which is where I cater to dressing women for themed events-for instance, Gatsby, Mad Men, Hollywood Glam and Studio 54, just to name a few! I style these lovelies from head to toe with dresses, coats, hand bags, accessories and well you get my drift! So, because that just wasn't enough for me I decided to become a Merchandiser for a truly amazing company called chloe+isabel-life changing jewelry that is beyond amazing and simply gorge (very Anthropoloie-esq with a lifetime guarantee-I die)! Yes, I pile the jewels on like Iris Apfel and Lord help me to be as cool as she is when I hit my 90's! So in becoming a Merchandiser, I get to travel to people's homes and set up my very cool display (if I do say so myself) and play dress up with some seriously cool chicks (like Kate Spade say's, "you start playing dress up at age % and it never truly ends")! I still wanted more and became a Merchandise Manager of 50 sparkling girlies and Team Sparkle was born-(I know amazing team name right, because truly we gotta just throw some glitter on it and go insane)! OMG-did I totally forget to mention that I married my Prince Charming who now has the qualities of Shrek-but still love the guy and 2 insanely wonderful kiddos! So, yes busy Mom going here there and everywhere in the Mommy hood-to get those two fab kids to wear they always need to go-hence, I'm a taxi as well! All in the wonderful life of  Mommyhood and The Everything Girl! Stay tuned-because trust me when I say, there's so much more to hear! Hope to see you back here soon! xoxo

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